Lockdown Training

Whilst we can’t train in the pool, it is important to keep yourself as fit as possible. Whenever we cannot swim because of Covid 19 restrictions, we will be posting work-out plans on a weekly basis.

You can access the weeks work-out plan from the drop down under the Lockdown Training tab on the home screen. Just click on the relevant week. Each work-out plan is shown as a pdf link to open and download.

Parents/Guardians: Please supervise your swimmers during any exercise and make sure the area they are working in is safe, particularly when jumping. Use a mat (or grass if it’s dry) where possible and not a hard floor. Please try and move large objects or trip hazards out of the way. Taking part is not mandatory and please monitor your swimmers during exercise to help them stay safe, hydrated and don’t let them exercise if they are not up to it.

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