How to join us

For more information about membership call  the club phone on 07864 104853 or email at 


All swimmers must pay an annual club membership, an annual membership to Swim England and monthly coaching fees. Fees must be paid by standing order / bank transfer to the club and the club will then pay Swim England their fees. We can no longer accept cash payments owing to Covid 19 restrictions. Our bank details can be obtained by contacting us on the email address above. 

Any member wishing to resign from the Club MUST give the Secretary written notice of his/her resignation, which will only take effect when agreed by the Committee and any outstanding fees have been paid.

Annual Club Membership

The Club membership year now runs from April to March. The annual club membership fee is payable by 1 April each year and will be calculated pro rata for anyone joining during a year. 

  • £35.00 (1st swimmer)
  • £25.00 (2nd and subsequent swimmers each, including masters)
  • £11 Non Swimming Member

Annual Swim England Membership

The Swim England membership year runs from January to December and must be paid before 1 January.

All swimming members must be Category 1 registered. Any swimmer who wishes to compete in galas must be Category 2 registered. Any non swimming member of the Club must be Category 3 registered. 

  • £16.35 Category 1
  • £35.15 Category 2
  • £12.25 Category 3

Fees will be reduced pro rata for any swimmer joining between October and December.

Monthly Coaching fees

    • Group 1 – £64
    • Group 2 – £48
    • Group 3 – £38
    • Group 4 – £38




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