Skills 1 and 2

This is the first group in our club, swimmers entering this group are usually expected to have completed stage 7 of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, they are therefore able to swim 25m on all 4 competitive stroke at the standard expected by the ASA. In this group our swimmers begin to form more technically correct strokes, they begin learning the importance of streamlining, how to do racing starts and turns, the rules of our sport and most importantly they learn to love swimming. At Flixton Swim Team this group is different than in many other clubs, at Flixton Swim Team the most senior coaches are still involved with directly coaching these young swimmers on a day to day basis with the support of multiple support staff on poolside with them.

Development 1

This is the first group directly on the swimming development pathway, here swimmers will have a good standard across all four competitive strokes, the emphasis on this group is to learn ever more technical techniques, master racing starts and turns as well as mastering streamlining. Most of the emphasis here is still on excellent strokes and technical skills but the demands on distance and on occasion speed are increased. Swimmers in this group also learn how to train with others, learning lane discipline and other important skills for training. Again, this group is always directly coached by one of the senior coaches in the club, the reason for this is simple, we are totally committed to contributing to every swimmer we have and raising standards throughout the entire club.

Development 2

The is the second group in the competitive pathway, here swimmers have learned how to start and turn on all four strokes, further techniques are learnt and low level competition outside of the club environment is introduced. The emphasis here is still on enjoyment and love of the sport, however to continue along the pathway it is necessary to expose young swimmers to a competitive environment. The aim of these competitions in to put into practise all of the skills they have learnt along the pathway and the see how they can use them in a competitive environment. Compared with Development 1, the demands of execution of skill are increased, along with a small increase in the volume swum each week but the main purpose of the group is to ensure swimmers are ready to begin swimming in a competitive environment.

Competition 1

This is the first truly competition orientated group in the club, many of the swimmers in this group are quite young, and for that reason the group is usually quite small so as to ensure they get the most out of this highly accelerated period of development. The swimmers in the group are expected to constantly put into practise the skill they have learnt so far. The approach to competition is still very low pressure, however the demands on swimmers training in this group are higher than in the development groups. Rate of development in this group is accelerated as they practise and perfect their swimming skills whilst now learning all about “training” through incrementally increasing volume of low intensity skilful swimming. This can be a difficult time for young swimmers to balance the increased demands, sessions remain interesting, so swimmers learn new things and retain their love for the sport.

Competition 2

This group is the main competition group for Flixton Swim Team, it is made up mostly of age-group swimmers. Here our aim is to develop the best age-group swimmers in the borough. The aim of this group is to begin “training to train” and the demands and expectations of this group prepares swimmers to move on to the next level of the sport. Many of the swimmers can boast Lancashire qualifying times, and the others are chasing them hard! The swimmers here learn about auxiliary swimming skills such as nutrition, psychology, race readiness and working as a team. The group trains together multiple times a week and is a testimony for what can be achieved through the club’s pathway as it goes from strength to strength.

Junior Masters

This is for youth swimmers in the Club wishing to keep fit but no longer compete. Those that have started part time work or University.

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