Marathon Volunteers – THANK YOU

Massive Thank you to the following individuals for the time they spent helping to marshal the Manchester half Marathon last Sunday.

Ruth Mason
Ellie Overland
Tracey Derbyshire
Liz Armstrong
Victoria Armstrong
Gary Armstrong
Matt Armstrong
Roseanna Boardman
Robert Boardman
Jo Turner
Helen Whelen
Lucy Conley
Helen Hodgett
Katherine Jenkins
Graham Jenkins
Paul Medcalf
Tracy Scholes
Amanda Wright
Lesley Cooke
Lynn Gilbert
Mark Stewart
James Simpson
Philip Ramsbottom
Penny Higgins

It was a wet cold start to the day, but I think everyone can agree it is very satisfying to cheer on thousands and thousand of runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and backgrounds.

On top of all the adult volunteers it was great to see the swimmers out and about helping during the day (including a few trips to McDonalds).

Marshalling the Manchester Marathon (Spring) and Manchester Half is one of our key fundraisers every year. Whilst most of the volunteers are repeat attendees it is great to see new parents stepping up to lend a hand.

Please keep your eyes out for the next time we need volunteers (and please don’t avoid Penny at marathon time in fear of being asked to volunteer)

Thank you to Penny for all the time it takes to communicate and coordinate the marshals.