Time Trial Night

5th October 2019 – All groups 5pm onwards

On Saturday we will be holding informal time trials to give childen the opportunity to gain times or update old times to enter lower level 3 open competitions such as the Preston Christmas Countdown and the Trafford Christmas Cracker, and also to help coaches to track progress.

On the night, I will be sat in reception. All swimmers MUST sign in and say which races they want to do.

All heats will be selected randomly.

The night will start with 25m time trials on all 4 strokes, followed by 50m time trials on all 4 strokes, followed by the opporunity to do a single 100m choice event.

Order of events –

25m Freestyle

25m Breaststroke

25m Backstroke

25m Butterfly

50m Freestyle

50m Backstroke

50m Breaststroke

50m Butterfly

100m Choice or IM

There will be no diving blocks on the night.

  • If your child has just joined the club or isn’t interested in competition, I would recommend entering all the 25m time trials.
  • If your child has been in the club 6 months + and is thinking about entering the galas around christmas time then enter all the 50m races.
  • If your child has been doing galas and so has up-to-date times on their best strokes, I would recommend using the time trials to update times on their least favourite strokes.

These time trials are not licensed so times achieved can not be used to enter County Championship races (or higher).

The times can be used to enter the galas in December, as a guide…to enter a 100m race with a 50m time, double the 50m time and add 10%.

All swimmers must take part in the 5pm warm up…. no warm up = no racing.

If you have any questions please email or comment below.

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  1. Good morning Phil. Lucy will not be able to do the time trial on Saturday because she is Swimming in a scout gala. I just wondered if she could do the time trial in one of the lessons so that she can register some up to date times.

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